by John McKernan


Maybe Orpheus carry you across River Lethe piggy back


Maybe he take knife out of your skull


Maybe you find new name in bowl of alphabet soup


Maybe you be Designated Dier


Maybe someone use rain water to rewrite your Death Certificate


Maybe you change name to Charles Manson or Charles Darwin or Charlemagne


Maybe you learn to sleepwalk backwards


Maybe you design a new alphabet full of silent letters


Maybe dust be powdered gold


Maybe you run out of money


Maybe the sheet of paper is not truly blank


Maybe  resistance to change is a new species of hope


Maybe it wasn’t light that washed the darkness away but desire


Maybe Desiree is another drug to kill feeling


Maybe Yesterday was not there at all


Maybe  You keep saying   Maybe   Maybe   As if it were a dishrag


Maybe love makes sex better


Maybe sex makes love better


Maybe you need to look at a decaying mansion for two months


Maybe you are confused about buying Lottery Tickets


Maybe every number in the universe is contained within the number 1


Maybe you need a pet crow that lives on cottage cheese and low-fat milk


Maybe you and Prometheus need a liver transplant   

Eleanor Bennett

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