editor / publisher:
Andrea Reiser Perkins      
Dawn Corrigan      

Otis Nebula started as a game, or writing prompt, among a group of writers in the Intermountain West. Words were exchanged, cannibalized, recycled. Ideas broke loose and surprised, even frightened, those involved who later scattered themselves across the globe, taking the game with them. It has since been used in numerous classrooms and other situations.

Otis now offers a wider orbit, a larger cloud, through the publication of an electrical zine, or conduit, featuring words in the shape of poems and longer pieces sometimes called stories. Most of the work Otis publishes is not connected to the prompt, so far as anyone knows. We do invite contributors to participate in the creation of an otis for each issue. We have also been known to suddenly publish a book or throw a contest, but are currently reading submissions for the zine only.