The Cooled Dynamo

"Is the (3 + 1)-d nature of the universe a thermodynamic necessity?"

for Sundin Richards

On a May

    morning the cruelest

is not April my friend

    you said the campus

O girls

    you harbingers of

sun's tides

    the white fabric spread

not 3+1 but 3.1415+1

    that 1 a nutshell

sprouting infinity

    who should be surprised

that the curve of worlds

    a raindrop's skin

the womb at twenty

    and the world attuned

to the springtime


of its possessor

    should share

that mysterious anchor

    at the center

of a circle's spin

    and its orbiting inheritors

the Rastafarian irises

    slumped across the sidewalk

the roses dozing like dowagers

    across a picket

peeling in this

    adopted city

turning out its less well-kempt

    O May this morning

sun rising through a soup of light

    the clouds a

way to drain

    night's cold gleaming

you my friend

    who hung

your weight

    from the bathroom door

back of which

    held on a hook

Rob Roy bathrobe

    you wore two decades

of cigarettes

    your ablutions

your way to shave

    hanged to evade

© Mike Kravolich

Copyright © 2016, Otis Nebula Press. All rights reserved.


Andrew Haley's translation of the classic Argentine gothic horror tale, Leopoldo Lugones' "Metamusic," appears in Ulises Conti's new book, La Cinta Transportadora (Mansalva 2015). His poem "Rauschenberg's Prints," originally published in Beltway Poetry Quarterly, appears with facing Spanish translation in a forthcoming anthology of poems from Color Pastel: fanzine de poesía. His book Good Eurydice was published by Otis Nebula in 2011.