Mystery (Exact Change)



Written on the back of a faded American dollar:

Lunes 25-Mayo-1998  9:40 PM


So, that’s the when.

      That moment   is     gone   yet I still

                cannot bear to spend        its fossil

A Beautiful Triceratops Skull

Finally bodiless
perched on a pedestal
and believing itself
the centerpiece
of a museum for
history's latecomers;
nibbling the grass
of nullity                      
untroubled by the
presence of an equally
minimal tyrannosaurus
going hungry nearby.
The armored head seems
to sleep (its horns
nonetheless alert)
but its invisible eyes
peer into a new distance
straining to see the
more colorful world of
bipeds, those puny
creatures that were
nudging his epoch from
an unexpected direction.

two poems by John Dutterer

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